Partner with a Professional Realtor
Finding, extending an offer, and buying a new home is a very complex process that will require that you use a professional who can provide you with the guidance that you need to make the purchase that you want.  The professional with whom you partner can help you with contract terms, inspection requirements, financing options, negotiating the price, and the closing process; without the proper assistance you can easily make mistakes that will be costly for you and your family.

How to Find a Reputable Realtor?
Finding the right professional to work with you as you search for a new home is the first step that you should take.  Besides going to, you can check the open houses in your area, speak with colleagues and friends to find referrals, and get suggestions from lenders, financial planners, and attorneys in your local area.  You may want to interview a few realtors before you find one that has the experience, personality, and skill set that suits your needs the best.  Be sure to discuss their training, certification, and level of experience before you make a commitment to work with them and their agency.

What Will Your Realtor Do for You?
Once you choose the realtor with whom you want to work, you should begin to share all of the vital information that you want in a home; be sure to include the number of bedrooms, baths, and square footage that you need to live comfortably.  You should give them the status of your finances, ask them to calculate your debt-to-income ratio, and ask them if they can recommend a lending institution for you to use.  The realtor will also share the current conditions of the market with you, some of the available properties that suit your needs, and will schedule visits for you to review the property that meets your criteria.  If you are moving to a new location in another city or state, your realtor can also recommend the best healthcare facilities, professionals with whom you can make regular transactions as you run your household, and the schools to which your children will be attending and the report card of these schools.

How Will You Communicate?
Impressive realtors are tech savvy individuals who try a plethora of strategies to help you find or sell your home.  One of the most important aspects of working with a realtor is making sure that he or she will return phone calls; communication is the key to finding the right home at the price that you can afford before it moves off the market.  Let your realtor know your preferred method of contact:  can he text or twitter?  Will he send you a Facebook private message?  Do you like emails or the traditional phone call?  Inform him at the onset about how you want to be contacted.
Partnering with the perfect realtor for your housing needs will make the entire process smooth, successful, and a pleasant experience for you and your family.

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