How to Settle into Your New Home Effectively

After the last load of your personal belongings has been carried into your new home, the work really begins as you strive to resume a normal routine in an organized home.  Before you can begin to relax, entertain, or simply conduct life as you once knew it, you have much work to complete and a plethora of materials to place in the proper location in your new home.  If you were organized before the move and labeled all of your boxes properly your job will be much easier but there’s still a checklist that you should follow before you begin to place things in your home.  The sooner you tackle the task at hand the sooner you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the new investment that you made for your family.  Let’s look at some things that you need to do as you begin to settle into your new residence.
1. Check all of the major appliances in your home.  If you moved your own appliances you should make sure that no damage was done to them during the move.  If you find something amiss be sure to report it to your insurance and the moving company as quickly as possible.
2. Inspect all of your boxes and furniture to be sure that everything arrived safe and sound.  Look for any damage so that you can file a claim within the appropriate period allowed by insurance companies.
3. Keep all of your receipts in a folder that’s located in a safe place.  You’ll want to see if you can make any claims on your tax return for the move that you just experienced.
4. Register your car or truck and any other vehicles that you have.  If you’ve moved across state lines you’ll have to also get a new driver’s license. Be sure to contact the local DMV for detailed information on the requirements for your new residence.
5. Are you receiving your mail in a timely fashion?  You left a forwarding address at your old location so you should expect to begin getting your mail efficiently. Be sure to check if mail doesn’t begin arriving soon after you move.
6. Find new healthcare professionals, new schools, and local businesses with which you can take care of your business.  You’re sure to need medical help in the future so checking with your realtor about local doctors and pharmacies as well as the local schools will help make your transition easier. 

You can ask your Hill Barbour Home Team professionals for recommendations of reputable businesses in your new locale as you begin to settle into your new home and community.
Organizational abilities and checklists are the keys to making your move stress-free, easily accomplished, and a streamlined process that works well for you and your family.