Take a Step Back in Time at the Old Glencoe Mill Village in Burlington

Located on the banks of the Haw River you’ll find one of the most interesting and well-preserved nineteenth century industrial villages of North Carolina’s Piedmont region. The Old Glencoe Mill Village covers about 100 acres and consists of the manufacturing and commercial complex, a power and water system, and a residential and social area. 

One of the attractions that you should visit at the Old Glencoe Mill Village is the Textile Heritage Museum which was built in 1880; it highlights the textile history of our area and features old machinery from the textile industry. You can view many exhibits that will take you back to a time when life was simple but the work was hard for those trying to make a living in the textile industry. Open on Saturday and again on Sunday from 1 until 4 p.m. this is an excellent opportunity for you to teach the children in your family about the heritage of Burlington and how life was carried on in a much simpler time. The museum was once the old company store where employees could purchase things that they needed to run their households comfortably. You’ll be able to learn about cotton mills, how they prospered in the Old South, and how water-power ran the production lines and equipment quite effectively. 

Some of the exhibits that you can see in the museum are historical artifacts, wartime fashion and fabrics, pretty feed and flower sacks and how they were used by the citizens of Burlington, and old medicine bottles that have been preserved by dedicated historians. You can also see demonstrations of dyeing, weaving, circular knitting, and an old lacing machine. Your visit to this museum will truly give you a glimpse back into the good old days of Burlington.

Providing a comprehensive picture of both social and commercial life of the time period, Old Glencoe Mill Village is truly a treasure that has been restored and continues today to develop into the thriving village and workplace that it once was. Whether you want to bird watch, take a picnic and relax by the Haw River, or hike, bike, or jog along the 9-mile loop, Old Glencoe Mill Village has something for everyone to enjoy. Bring your own gear and you can canoe, kayak, or try your hand at fishing in the beautiful Haw River; the options are endless and the choices always provide you with an exciting adventure.

There are several homes listed for sale in Old Glencoe at this time.  Some of these homes are the original mill properties that have been beautifully restored.  Others are more recently built replicas.  This neighborhood offers a great community feel with many activities throughout the year that bring neighbors together.  Families with children take advantage of the new park that was built in 2012 as well as fantastic sledding hills and a safe place to Trick or Treat on Halloween.  

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